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H7430 temperature, humidity, pressure regulator with two relay and RS485 outputs

code: H7430
Humidity, temperature, atmospheric pressure transmitter with two relay outputs. Outdoor, indoor use.

Built-in relative humidity, temperature, pressure sensors. Measured values are also converted to other humidity interpretation: dew point temperature, absolute humidity, specific humidity, mixing ratio, specific enthalpy. Three two-state inputs. 

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Humidistat is designed for two-state control of e.g. heating, ventilation, humidifier, dehumidifier, etc.
Transmitter is equipped with two relay outputs for alarm indication or control of external devices. Each relay can be assigned to any measured or computed value. For each relay setting of delay, hysteresis, audible alarm is enabled.
Measured temperature and relative humidity is recalculated to other humidity interpretations - dew point temperature, absolute humidity, specific humidity, mixing ratio or specific enthalpy.
Parameters are easy adjustable from regulator keyboard or from the computer. Large dual line LCD for simultaneous display of temperature, relative humidity or other calculated humidity interpretation is an advantage.
State-of-the-art capacitive polymer sensor ensures excellent calibration long term stability, inertia against water and condensation. Transmitter is designed for use in non-aggressive environment.

Transmitter is also equipped with three binary inputs for detection of two-state events - e.g. water, smoke, glass break detection, door contact.


  • temperature control
  • monitoring of temperature and three binary signals at:
  • building management and automation
  • server rooms
  • telecommunication devices
  • warehouses, glasshouses
  • manufacturers
  • museums, archives, galleries
  • air-conditioned rooms, HVAC

Serial output RS485 is galvanically isolated from other circuitry to prevent collisions on the RS485 bus. The transmitter works with ModBus RTU communication protocol or with Advantech ADAM compatible protocol. Protocol is user selectable in special configuration mode by means of the PC. Serial link enables to read actual readings and modify transmitter configuration. Instrument works always in slave mode, i.e. responds only to master device query. Transmitters have the address space available from 0 to 255. Communication speed is 110 to 115200Bd. 


  • Comet Database
    Complex solution for data acquisition and analysing. Easy to use and high flexible database software for Comet Transmitters and Regulators.

  • T-Sensor software
    Free configuration utility for Comet Transmitters and Regulators.

  • SensorReader software
    Basic data acquisition utility for Comet Transmitters and Regulators. Software is free for download.

  Online Monitoring system with RS485/232 sensors

Technical Data

Technical parameters Value
Output RS485
Measured Value Temperature + Relative Humidity + Atmospheric Pressure
Construction Type Ambient Air
Design Industrial
Temperature Measuring Range -30 to 80 °C
Relay Output Yes
Two-State Input Yes
Lcd Display Yes
PoE No
Maximum switching voltage, current, power of relay output 50V, 2A, 60VA
Audible alarm from built-in beeper - switchable
Relative humidity range 0 to 100%
Accuracy of relative humidity measurement ±2.5% relative humidity from 5 to 95% at 23°C
Accuracy of temperature output ±0.4°C
Available temperature units degrees Celsius, Fahrenheit
Accuracy and range of dew point temperature output - for more details see graphs ±1.5°C at ambient temperature T<25°C and RH>30%
range -60 to +80 °C
Accuracy and range of absolute humidity output ±1.5g/m3 at ambient temperature T < 25°C
range 0 to 400 g/m3
Accuracy and range of specific humidity output ±2g/kg at ambient temperature T < 35°C
range 0 to 550 g/kg
Accuracy and range of mixing ratio output ±2g/kg at ambient temperature T < 35°C
range 0 to 995 g/kg
Accuracy and range of specific enthalpy output ±3kJ/kg at ambient temperature T < 25°C
range: 0 to 995 kJ/kg
Maximum measuring pressure range 600 to 1100hPa
Accuracy ±(1,3hPa+0.06% from adjusted output span) at 23°C from 800 to 1100hPa
Available pressure units hPa, kPa, mbar, mmHg, inHg, inH2O, PSI, oz/in2
Signal for binary inputs dry contact, open collector or two-state voltage signal.
Inputs are not galvanically isolated.
Minimum pulse length at binary input 500ms
Voltage at open contact 3.3 V
Low voltage level 0 to +0.5 V
High voltage level +3.0 to +30V
Temperature operating range -30 to +80°C
Temperature operating range of LCD display readable to operating temperature +70°C, it is recommended to switch OFF the LCD over +70°C
Temperature compensation of the humidity sensor all temperature range
Filtering ability of sensor cover 0.025mm - filter with stainless steel mesh
Communication protocol ModBus RTU, ARION and Advantech ADAM compatible protocol
Communication speed 110 to 115200 Bd
IP protection IP54 electronics, IP40 sensors
Power 9-30Vdc, power consumption approximately 1W
Dimensions 136 x 213 x 45 mm (W x H x D), stem length 75 mm
Weight approximately 360g
Warranty 3 years
Multilogger M1321 - thermo-hygro-barometer with 2 MiniDIN and 2 Terminals Multilogger M1321 - thermo-hygro-barometer with 2 MiniDIN and 2 Terminals
code: M1321
Universal datalogger with 4 hardware inputs, internal sensor of Barometric pressure and with Ethernet interface.
Multilogger can be installed permanently to Ethernet network or work as portable device.
Included is traceable calibration certificate in accordance with EN ISO/IEC17025.