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T0118 Interior temperature transmitter with 4-20mA output

code: T0118
Ambient temperature transmitter. Indoor use.

Temperature transmitter is specially designed for use in exacting interiors in building energy management and HVAC systems. It designed for easy installation on ordinary KU68 wiring boxes for household switches and sockets.
Large dual line LCD is possible to switch off.
Computerized design ensures long term stability and fail indication. Transmitter is designed for use in non-aggressive environment.

 Included in delivery:

  • Traceable calibration certificate
  • Quick start manual
  • Free program TSensor for configuring of the transmitter is ready to Download

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APPLICATIONS - measuring and control of air temperature at:

  • building HVAC management
  • building HVAC automation
  • warehouses 
  • manufacturers
  • museums, archives, galleries
  • air-conditioned rooms

    Output is adjusted to maximum temperature range from the manufacturer.
    To adjust other range by the user buying of SP003 cable is necessary - see Optional accessory.
    Free configuration program TSensor for transmitter adjustment is ready to download anytime.

    If different adjustment of output temperature range is required, please specify required range in the order. Adjustment is free of charge.

Ordering example: Thermometer T0118, output 0 to +30°C

Application wiring of the temperature transmitter

Typical application wiring

Calculation of minimum power voltage Uss for proper operation:
Uss min> Uo min + Imax * Rz,
where: Uo min= 9 V
Imax... approximately 20 mA
Rz... sensing resistor (shunt)

Technical Data

Technical parameters Value
Output 4-20mA
Measured Value Temperature
Construction Type Interior
Design Interior
Temperature Measuring Range -10 to 50 °C
Relay Output No
Two-State Input No
Lcd Display Yes
PoE No
Accuracy of temperature output ±0.5°C
Available temperature units degrees Celsius, Fahrenheit
Temperature operating range -10 to +50°C
Current output - two-wire connection 4-20mA
Configuration of output range user adjustable from the PC
IP protection IP20
Power 9-30Vdc
Dimensions 88 x 106 x 33 mm (W x H x D)
Material of the case ABS
Color white
Weight approximately 150g
Warranty 3 years
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code: T0110
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