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With COMET to space

High Altitude Balloon in 30 km with COMET data logger

A project of launching a weather balloon to the area known as near-space. Specifically, to the stratospehere which at moderate latitudes spreads from about 10-13 to 50 km.

The inspiration for the project came after seeing photographs of the Earth with the blackness of space. The aim was to get to a height of at least 30 km and take pictures and videos during the flight.

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A complete record of external temperature as measured by the data logger. The most interesting data points are highlighted. The curve represents the measured temperature during the preparation, the flight, the time the payload spent lying in a field after it landed, and the consecutive drive back until the data logger was switched off.


A reconstruction of the balloon's trajectory based on the received telemetry data. The balloon was launched in Rožnov pod Radhoštěm. It reached the highest point of 34,396 meters above the village of Mořkov where the balloon burst. Then it slowly descended to the fields near the village of Jinřichov 34 km from the launch site.

The complete payload. The box and most of the parts were carved out of polystyrene and wrapped in a painting tape. The payload consisted of the data logger to record temperature, a camera instructed to take photos and record video, and a transmitter with a GPS module programmed to broadcast the current position of the balloon.


The author of the project after relocating to the village of Vysoká. In good weather, this site provides a view of the whole area where the landing was expected. The picture shows the antenna and the laptop used to receive the data from the balloon as well.

The last moments before the launch. Under the balloon, you can see a parachute which will slow down the descent of the payload after the balloon bursts.


Photo at a height of 700 meters - Rožnov pod Radhoštěm

Photo at a height of 1400 meters - Rožnov pod Radhoštěm


Photo at a height of 6 kilometers

Photo at a height of 15.7 kilometers


Photo at a height of 16.7 kilometers

Photo at a height of 20.3 kilometers


Photo at a height of 23.5 kilometers

Photo at a height of 23.5 kilometers - the Moon can be seen in the picture


Photo at a height of 26 kilometers - the Sun shot during a rotation of the box

Photo at the maximum altitude of 34396 meters