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Bank Holiday - Friday 5th of July 2013 - Comet is closed

On Friday 5th of July 2013 COMET will be completely closed because of Bank holiday.


Dear Partners,

On Friday 5th of July COMET will be completely closed because of Bank holiday in Czech republic: 5th of July Saints Cyril and Methodius (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saints_Cyril_and_Methodius).
Year 2013 is the sign of big celebrations because exactly 1150 years have passed since the arrival of the Slavonic missionaries to Great Moravia. This is a universal cultural anniversary. Velehrad, the place of pilgrimage, is a cultural cradle of our state. It will remind visitors of the fact that for a full development of people and nations not only the material dimension but also the spiritual dimension is needed.

Thank you for your understanding. We will be back on Monday 8th of July.