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COMET products include traceable calibration certificates from COMET System, s.r.o. Calibration certificate is included in price of the product.

COMET System, s.r.o. is not an accredited calibration laboratory. Metrology of COMET is certified as a part of quality management system in accordance with ISO 9001:2015.
Calibration certificate results from requirements of EN ISO/IEC 17025 standard. Metrological traceability of COMET etalons is declared in calibration certificate - identification of etalon, its validity and information on metrological traceability.

Calibration of temperature is performed by default at one point - at +23°C.

Calibration of humidity is performed by default at one point - at 50% RH.

CO2 calibration is performed at one point. For devices with a range of 0-2000ppm at 1000ppm, for devices with a range of 0-5000 or 10000 at 3000ppm.

Calibration of barometric pressure is performed in most cases at two points. At ambient pressure and at decreased pressure near lower limit of the measuring range (800 respective 750 hPa). Barometers T2xxx are calibrated at three points.

Calibration of electrical values - current, voltage, resistance is performed at several points (3 to 5) sufficiently covering measuring range of the instrument.

Calibration in an accredited calibration laboratory

If the COMET calibration certificate does not comply, eg. calibration points, or if required by legislation, supervised control authorities, COMET products can be delivered to order with a calibration certificate from the accredited calibration laboratory. - temperature, relative humidity, electrical quantities, barometric pressure. By default, the calibration is performed at 3 points, which can be specified arbitrarily. By agreement, it is possible to calibrate even on several points on request.

When sending the instrument for calibration, please proceed as follows:

- whether COMET Calibration is required or whether calibration is required from an accredited Calibration Laboratory
- which quantities to calibrate and at which points
- provide a return address and contact details, including the phone number and e-mail address for sending instant order status information
- contact with a person who can provide additional information


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