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Where manuals for monitoring system and appendixes can be found?
The latest version of the manuals are located on pages. You can also find them after installing the software at Start option - COMET Loggers folder.

Where table of error messages on the display can be found?
Find it in the Appendices to the manual. Refer to the content.

Where circuit diagrams of the communication interface connectors for data logger can be found?
These issues are described in detail in Appendices to the manual.

I would like to implement MS data logger to our monitoring system, you can give me communication protocol?
The communication protocol will give you on the request. Of the experience we can say that it is easy to read on-line measurements. Decoding of the record and setting of the MS configuration is not considered as easy task.


I need to add or change the input modules in the data logger MS55.
It is a qualified operation, the improper handling may damage the data logger. The service manual is available upon request for qualified persons.

For the old series of data loggers MS+ there were inputs D3 and E3 to 400V. It is possible to insert them to MS55 data loggers?
Inputs with a range of up to 400 V must not be mounted to the MS5/MS55 from security reasons. Do not connect voltage greater than 50V AC/ 75 V DC to the input of MS55 (MS5) data logger. If you need to measure higher voltages use external converters. Similarly for current inputs C1 and C2 - you can not connect directly to the phase conductors, use current transformer or external converter.

When it is necessary to use a galvanically isolated input modules?
Always when the risk of interference between inputs can degrade the quality of the measurement. In particular, it relates to current inputs if the current loop is connected more devices. Furthermore, it is common for thermocouple input, if the measuring point is directly connected to the conductive parts. You must not use galvanic isolation to protect against hazardous voltages (eg thermocouple connected to the phase conductor).

I need to measure temperature using a thermocouple which is directly connected to the phase conductor. How to do it?
Use external galvanically isolated thermocouple / current loop converter which is certified for this use. For example Px310 from manufacturer. Never connect a thermocouple on the high voltage directly to the data logger´s terminal.

I need to measure temperature using a thermocouple, what about accuracy?
Data logger monitors the temperature of the cold junction inside on the PCB between terminals channels 8 and 9. Cold junction point is in the connection terminal. Thus, the data logger measures somewhat different cold junction temperature than inside the terminal, there is additional error. For this reason, it is necessary that the data logger is placed in the right operating position terminals down and in the stabilized temperature conditions. Change position data logger for example in a horizontal position on the table decreases accuracy by about 2.5 ° C against the declared value. This additional error depends not only on the ambient conditions but also on the presence of parasitic sources of heat inside the data logger (such as Ethernet interface or galvanically isolated modules).

I need to count pulses from the energy meter. What input to use?
You must use the MS55 data logger with CTU or CTK input modules. Input CTK is designed for a contact or open collector. It gives the voltage of about 3V. Check the specifications for the energy meter if this voltage is sufficient. Output electrical circuits often contain a Darlington pair transistors and require a minimum voltage such as 5V and 40V maximum. In this case, use the input CTU. From the power supply terminals of the data logger (Ucc) connect the wire to the collector of the energy meter output transistor. Its emitter connect to the input terminal IN of CTU module. COM terminals of this input connect to a neighboring terminal GND. Data logger MS6 has not input for counting pulses.

Is it possible to connect input trasmitters to the RS485 communication interface?
No, this interface is intended only for PC communication with the data logger. For input transmitters is designed RS485IN input next the input terminals (optional accessory).

I have sensor with RS485 output. Can be connected to a data logger?
First, check if your device communicates some of the supported protocols (ModBus or Advantech). Detailed description of input RS485IN (MS6) or RP input module (MS55) is in the appendices to the manual - carefully check the compatibility. On the market there are a wide range of sensors that use different communication protocols and data logger may not work with them.

If I connect the transmitter to the RS485IN input, can I connect other devices to the terminals of input channels at the same time?
Yes, you can. You must not forget, however, that the maximum number of measurement channels is 16. If you redirect some input channel to the RS485IN input, the input terminals corresponding to this channel can not be used at the same time.

I have a data logger MS6 with RS485IN input. How to configure COMET transmitters?
You can use a special mode where data logger works as RS232/RS485 converter or USB/RS485 respectively. With TSensor SW can be configured transmitters directly connected to the RS485IN. More can be found in the appendices to the manual. This procedure can not be used for MS55 data loggers with RP input, there is needed to configure transmitters outside data logger.

I have a device with RS232 output. Can I connect it to a data logger?
No, such input is not supported.

How much is possible to exceed the limit of the measuring range when the data logger still measures and does not show an error message?
This limit is individual for input and specific piece of data logger. However, the overlap is at least 10%, most are larger. Error message appears when the A/D converter reaches the to limitations (0 .. Error 1, 65535 ... Error 2). If necessary it is possible to calculate it exactly when you display Service menu on the data logger, find the value of the AD converter on the required input channel in two points and calculate limit values.

I need to connect Pt100 sensor in three-wire connection to data logger. How to do it?
Data logger not support 3-, 4- wire inputs for RTD sensors. Use a suitable converter to current such as COMET P6181 or third party products.

I need to buy a data logger together with other third-party sensors. Can you deliver the system in complete state according to my requirements?
COMET Systems is a manufacturer of recording data loggers, sensors, data loggers, etc. In the case of sensors and instruments that we have in our offer then we deliver a complete system. If you want to buy our equipment with products that we do not offer, please contact one of our sales representatives.

Can be used MS data logger to measure temperature with NTC thermistors?
There are a large variety of NTC thermistors with different characteristics. Only MS6 data loggers support these thermistors.


I need to communicate with the data logger via USB to a distance of 10 meters. Is it possible?
In principle it is possible, but you will need to buy additional booster modules (we are not supplied). Without them you can communicate via USB to 5m max. It is best to use Ethernet or RS485 interface.

Is it possible to access to Wavecom modem from Internet?
No, we do not have such an application. Use the supplied router Conel ER75 and data logger with Ethernet interface.

Is it possible to use your own GPRS/EDGE/3G ... modem?
Yes, you can if you create a tunnel to transfer data through the RS232 interface. COMET system, however, does not provide technical support for third party products which did not deliver.


Can you recommend a suitable backup source?
These things are described in detail in Appendices to the manual.

Can be data logger powered from batteries?
In principle yes, but its permanent current is so high that in practice it is very difficult to realize. Data loggers are designed for continuous operation, do not have a low-power mode. Check to see if other line of COMET data logger is better for your application.

I have problems with the function of external and internal acoustic signalization.
Don´t forget that you must enable these functions globally on the Profile bookmark and then for each channel and alarm separately on Alarms&Signalization bookmark. Finally, always try to activate the alarm.

I need to send datalogger for repair, must I disconnect all cables?
No remove all the wires, terminal blocks is two-piece. Remove the a whole block, installation will be much easier.

Can you supply data logger with a faster sampling interval than 1s?
No, the shortest recording interval is 1 second, our data loggers are designed primarily for long-term recording slower processes.

If I set the recording interval to 1 second, will be measuring all channels at the same time?
No, each of the input channels is measured sequentially. Measurement of one analog channel takes about (40-80) ms. Data loggers are not designed for faster measurements.

I need to measure different values from more input channels and recalculate them together and then the record. Is it possible?
Yes, if you have MS55 or MS6 data logger with free channel you can set it as calculated from two different channels using several pre-defined equations. Complicated calculations can be done only after exportg of the recorded data (eg to the Excel).

I have two data loggers and I need to send SMS messages of them. Is it possible with one modem and one SIM card?
Partially this is possible via GPRS router Conel ER75i V2F RS232 RS232 set that contains two independent RS232 interfaces. Sending of alarm messages from data loggers work without problems, but in some rare cases may be when SMS query that we receive a response from only one data logger. When INFO SMS query which contains of several sub SMS messages can not be clearly determine which sub-report is from which data logger. For these reasons, this option was not available in the our offer.

Is it possible to operate the data logger in the wider temperature range?
Standard temperature range is (0 to 50) ° C. If the data logger is operated outside this range, the reduction in accuracy of measurement and/or readability of display may be occurred. In the temperature range (-20 to +50) ° C on the Pt1000 input data logger measured even in its specification but the display has at -20 ° C a very long reaction times. For temperatures above 50 ° C is rapidly increasing measurement error and the display becomes unreadable (at 70 ° C).


I have data loggers MS5, MS6 and MS55. Can I use the same software for them?
Yes, for these models is common SW. It works with older models MS2+, MS3+ and MS4+. The oldest models MS2, MS3, MS4 require special software.

I have connected data logger via USB interface and communicating is stopped.
Most frequently it happens that your computer has changed the number of virtual communication port. Refer to the user SW to Settings of communication, what COM port number you are using. See if it is the same with that operating system assigned (in Device Manager). If not, you can fix it in software or in the device manager (see the properties of the COM port and the Port Settings bookmark - Advanced and make a change). Insert the USB cable always to the same socket.

I have data logger connected to a computer, I need once the week to download data to the server and continuously see the actual values on multiple computers.
These and others issues are described in the basic manual, chapter Application Notes.

I forgot my password to the data logger, can you tell me universal password to get to it?
Such passwords does not exist. In a special service mode, however, the tables of the users and passwords can be deleted. The service manual is available upon request for qualified persons.

What is the time required for the downloading of full memory data from the data logger to PC?
Data logger can communicate with 230400Bd maximum speed (USB and Ethernet). Under ideal conditions, transfer can be achieved during about 2min 30s. When connecting via GPRS router will be a little longer time – depends on the quality of the connection. For direct connection data logger to a PC via RS232 or RS485 on 115200Bd rate the transfer time is about 6 minutes. If you use a CSD connection via GSM modems on 9600 baud, the transfer time is takes about 1 hour.

Is it possible that as the alarm limit has been used measured value from another channel?
Yes, you'll need a free channel, which is set to measure the difference of the measured values of the source channels.

Is it possible to evaluate data logger alarms according to the gradient of temperature increase?
No, this feature MS data loggers do not support.

Is it possible automatically and regularly synchronize the time in the data logger?
This function is available when using automatic data download. Synchronization is done according to PC system time where runs MS SW. After successful download of recorded data into a computer date and time is synchronized and then is erased all recorded data in the data logger.

Does data logger support seasonal time change (summer – winter time)?
No, data logger does not support these functions. In addition, after each change of the internal data logger time software required to erase all previously recorded data (before it can be downloaded to the computer).

Can be data logger set so that when small changes in the configuration was not necessary to erase record?
Yes, according to Appendix to manual you can activate the Advanced Options bookmark and deselect Full diagnostics. Then in cases that have no immediate effect on the already recorded data will not be required to clear the memory (eg change of alarm limits).

Is it possible to assign multiple relays to one alarm?
Yes, for each alarm you can choose any number from all 16 relay that closed when an alarm appeared.

Is it possible use more than 4 conditions on one channel?
Directly it is not possible. However, if in the data logger is available free channel, then you can set it as calculated with the same measured value as the original channel (1 * 0 * Ch1 + Ch2 + 0). Then the one measured value can be assigned to more conditions.

Is it possible to have more than two alarms on one channel?
Directly it is not possible, but if you have free input channel, you can use the conditions from this channel for its alarms.

Can be set the input channel of MS6 as a pulse counter?
No, you must use a data logger MS55 with input CTU or CTK.

I have temperature and relative humidity sensor connected to the data logger. I also need the other calculated humidity values (eg, temperature, dew point). How to do this?
Data logger does not support calculation of derived humidity values. However, if you are using a sensors COMET, you can set them so that these values are availabled on them outputs. Some COMET transmitters allow read only one variable (eg temperature), the other two variables (eg temperature + humidity or temperature + dew point) and several other values (such as sensors with RS485). Check the manual to trasmitters for details.

Is it possible to save custom recalculating equation to the data logger?
No, you can only choose from the preset equations. For more sophisticated calculations use the appropriate PLC.

After the downloading of recorded data some values at the beginning and end of the table are empty. Why?
This state can occur if you use a significantly different recording intervals (on some channels seconds, on other hours), is too slow download data (eg using GSM modem) or data memory is full and oldest data is overwritten. It may help to manually delete all the data recorded in the data logger using the software, the Configuration menu.

The MS6 do not offer the input RS485IN. Why?
This input is only on special order. Either there is no mounted in data logger or not activated.