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S/Rxxxx Dataloggers

How to connect the logger to the PC?
Data logger communicates with the PC via the infrared adapter. The adapter can be connected to either type the serial COM port of the computer (type "COM Adapter"), a USB port (type "USB Adapter") or to a local Ethernet LAN (type "LAN adapter"). The type of IR communication is not compatible with infrared IrDA port (on older laptops, etc.).

How long is the communication cable?
Communication adapters for COM or USB port with cable length 1.8 m. Keeping the COM interface is possible via the serial extension cable to extend to a maximum of 15m, USB cable can not be extended.

I need to extend the cable COM adapter, how is the connector connected?
If for some reason you can not use the standard COM extension cable (with a retail computer accessories), it is possible to make a self-help cable: - Total cable length (including the power adapter COM) should not exceed 15 meters - used 4-wire shielded cable - CANON 9 connector socket / plug is interconnect 1:1, while only connect pins 2,3,4,5,7 (shield is connected to pin 5)

What logger for recording interval can be set?
Possible values ​​of the recording interval are 10, 20, 30 sec, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 10, 15, 20, 30min, 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 12, 24h.

Can the voltage input of S50x1 measure both polarities?
It is not possible, loggers S50x1 are primarily intended to record standard voltage signal of 0 to 5V output from a sensor measured, and this signal is usually one polarity.

What is the range of LCD display for measured variable loggers S50x1, S60x1?
Devices S60x1 and S50x1 can display the input signal converted to the measured quantity as in Listing downloaded to a PC and display. Conversion can only be linear. Display range for the display:
Display: line 1 (1. channel) 2nd line (2. channel)
the largest positive number 19999 9999
smallest positive number 0.001 0.001
the largest negative number -999 -9999
smallest negative number -0.01 -0.001
Whenever the measured value range Servability, displays the row display symbols "----". Number of decimal places displayed is fixed after adjustment (automatic mode is not possible) can be entered in the range of 0-3 des. space (for each channel).


New laptops are not equipped with a serial COM port, do I have another option to connect Commeters Dxxxx to  the computer?
To solve this problem, we can offer MP006 "RS232/USB converter for communication with the USB port on the computer," which murders between USB port and PC communication cable to Commeters. After installing the included driver in the PC creates a virtual serial port, through which it is communication software with the device.

After replacing the battery, the device is still not working - the screen is off and not using the ON / OFF the unit does not turn on.
Electronic device is probably blocked too low voltage original battery - disconnect the battery again and leave the unit about 30 minutes without power. Then connect the battery and the device should start normally. The aforementioned problem does not appear if you follow the next battery change following procedure (also mentioned in the manual): If the display shows Low battery indicator (flashing BAT), it is appropriate as soon as possible to replace the battery with a new one. The device before replacing the battery, always off (!), Remove the old battery and connect the new one. The whole exchange should not exceed 1 minute to avoid having to reset the time on the device. The problem with the locked device, which will not start even after replacing the battery, there is only allowed if the battery in the device until full discharge - despite several weeks of low battery indication on the display, or changes to the battery with a new one at power-on.

I have two-channel thermocouple thermometer C/D0321. When connecting a second probe this will affect the measured first probe and vice versa. How is this possible?
Both connected thermocouple probes may be electrically connected to each other. Current probes with metal sheath thermocouple wires are not insulated from the metal casing. When measuring the electrically conductive applications (metal structures, some of the liquid, etc.) then there is the use of two such probes to measure distortion.