manufacturer of measuring instruments
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COMET: Our Way to Sustainability | For a Sustainable Future

Our planet, the environment, and people's health are a top priority for us at COMET. We are fully aware of the impact our production can have on these aspects. That's why we continually work on improving our manufacturing processes and our environmental responsibility.

Join us and see the sustainable steps we are taking.

  • We optimize our production procedures through organization to ensure maximum efficiency while minimizing energy, water, and raw material consumption. We strive to reduce waste production from our manufacturing processes and non-manufacturing activities.
  • We are committed to minimizing unnecessary waste, actively working on utilizing the materials we work with and recycling them. Waste recycling is a given for us.
  • When packaging and preparing our products for delivery to customers, we use packaging that ensures product protection while being recyclable or as reusable as possible. This may mean that you'll receive your goods in a previously used cardboard box that's been given a second chance. We always aim for professional packaging to ensure your order arrives in perfect condition.
  • When developing new products, we prioritize their long lifespan. All components undergo rigorous durability tests, simulating real-life conditions throughout the entire product lifespan. We believe in the repairability of our devices throughout their guaranteed lifespan.

Thank you for joining us on this journey towards sustainability and for giving us the opportunity to work on a product that is environmentally friendly and beneficial to you. Your support is important to us.