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Comet Database now for sensors with RS485/RS232 output - UNLIMITED COMMUNICATION

Sensor RS485/232 utility offers an unique ability to connect unlimited number of sensors with COMET Database system and sending alarm SMS and e-mails.


Software Sensor RS485/232 utility allows communication of sensors with RS485/RS232 output and sending data to COMET Database.

Sensor RS485/232 utility
Software for communication of COMET sensors and also third parties sensors with RS485/RS232 output. The software gains values from these devices, evaluates alarms and sent data to COMET Database, which can be installed anywhere on the network or on the Internet (it is not necessary to install on the same PC as the Sensor RS485/232 utility is)

Sensor RS485/232 - CDB scheme

- COMET sensor output with RS485/RS232 (including the ability to set alarms)
- 3 device by communicating via Modbus RTU protocol
- multiple networks (can connect multiple serial communication ports)
- sending data to a remote server (COMET Database may not be installed on the same PC)

Sensor RS485/232 utility - instruction video - instruktážní video