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COMETEO measures in Antarctica


COMETEO's professional thermo screens successfully monitor the weather conditions at the J. G. Mendel Czech Science Station in Antarctica. This gives us a unique opportunity to test the reliability and robustness of our instruments in the harsh Arctic conditions.

The Czech J.G. Mendel Scientific Station is part of Masaryk University in Brno, which is the only university in the world to sponsor a national research programme in Antarctica. Since 2007, it has owned and operated the science station, which is located on James Ross Island at the northernmost tip of the Antarctic Peninsula. The station is located in Antarctica, which has some of the harshest conditions on Earth, including extremely cold temperatures, high winds and unpredictable weather events.

By placing COMET instruments at the J.G. Mendel Czech Science Station, we can not only provide important information about the weather in this region, but also test our equipment in inhospitable conditions. Our weatherproof screens have been carefully designed and manufactured to withstand the extreme temperatures, high winds and humidity that are characteristic of the area. This allows us to verify that our devices meet the highest standards of reliability and quality, not only in extreme weather conditions.

The cooperation with Masaryk University represents a great opportunity for COMET to further develop and innovate our products.