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Modification of the measuring range of external temperature probes for some IoT Sigfox Sensors


IoT Sigfox Sensors W0832, new W0832P, W0841, W0841E now allow connection of Pt1000 temperature probes in the range -200 to +260°C.

These devices can be connected with the standard temperature probes Pt1000TG8/E with the range -50 to +200°C; cryogenic temperature probes Pt1000TR125/E with the range -190 to +150°C or temperature probes Pt1000TR050S/E with the range -50 to +400°C.

Don`t forget all IoT Sigfox Sensors are compatible with COMET Cloud and comes to you with the Traceable calibration certificate included and 1 year of connection to the COMET Cloud for free.