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Monitoring Systems MS - CATALOG 2013



DOWNLOAD NEW MS MONITORING SYSTEMS CATALOG FROM - 2013_comet_katalog_ms_eng-pdf.pdf

Monitoring systems MS6x can now measure temperature with NTC thermistors. Characteristics of the thermistor can be changed by user, default is the thermistor set to 2252 ohm.

Characteristics setting is are common for all connected thermistors. Lowest measured temperature corresponds to the thermistor resistance around 11000 ohms. Previously purchased monitoring systems MS6x can be upgraded with firmware 6.2.0 or higher for using this function

Input for 2-wire measurement of NTC thermistor

  • Measured value: temperature from user definable NTC thermistor
  • Range: lowest measured temperature corresponds to maximum measurable resistance of 11 000 ohms
  • Accuracy: according to the used resistance range (300/3000/10 000 ohms)
  • Measuring current: according to the used resistance range
  • Input terminals: IN and COM