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New CO2 dataloggers up to 50.000ppm (5%)


We introduce the new COMET CO2 dataloggers that complement the already established range of carbon dioxide dataloggers.

The new U8410 and U8410M datalogger is an affordable solution for applications where CO2 only measurement is sufficient. The U2422 is designed for use in more demanding applications. Thanks to an external probe with a range of 0-10.000ppm (1%) or 0-50.000ppm (5%), this datalogger is suitable for measurements in places with high CO2 concentration (agriculture, greenhouse plants, laboratories and research)

Main advantages of COMET dataloggers:


  • acoustic alarm signalization
  • 3 colour LED for alarm
  • large LCD for easier readibility
  • USB-C for simple connection and battery charging
  • software COMET Vision 2.0 - FULL VERSION FOR FREE