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NEW FIRMWARE for Regulators with Ethernet output


From the end of July we can offer you "new" regulators Hx5xx with Ethernet output. These devices belonging now to the WebSensor family offer a more confortable configuration through the built-in webserver.

For more information, please refer to the product pages of each device.

- Two alarms for each channel with selectable direction
- Multiple alarms can be used for relay control
- Multiple alarms can be used for control of acoustic signalization
- Remote relay control from webpages
- Remote mute of acoustic signalizationfrom webpages
- New computed value – Humidex (Canadian humidity index)
- New web based configuration in style like a p-line or t-line Web Sensors
- Web pages with new design, html5 graphs, improved CSV exports, XML protocol support, etc.
- Improved web server with multiple socket connection and fastest response
- User accounts for webpages
- Backup/restore device configuration from webpages
- Improved email subsystem, DNS for SMTP server address, repeat email sending, email attachments, etc.
- Number history values was increased from 100 to 1000
- New feature event log
- Improved SNMP stack, new OIDs, system location description added, etc.
- Improved SOAP protocol, DNS support
- Improved time synchronization by NTP protocol
- Improved Modbus TCP protocol, new registers, remote control of relays and acoustic mute
- Improved stability for general performance
- Removed features: telnet setup, setup from device keyboard