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New firmware for Tx5xx/Tx6xx WebSensors

New firmware has been released for Ethernet Sensors Tx5xx/Tx6xx. Easy to use web browser interface is the main advantage.


Main features of the new firmware:

  • web-based configuration, new web design, new HTML5 graphs, faster web server, new export of history values to CSV, etc.
  • configuration in web browser
  • expanded memory unit values ​​of 100 to 1,000 values ​​per channel
  • improved SMTP subsystem, SMTP authentication is supported, SMTP port is configurable and repeating email sending is supported. CSV attachment with history values can be send with email
  • improved ModbusTCP server, two connections at the same time
  • users accounts. One for device configuration and one for measured values viewing
  • hundreds of other improvements, increasing speed and stability