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New Monitoring System MS55D

The production of data loggers MS5, MS5D is replaced by the data loggers MS55D. The reason of replacement is to offer system to user, which works from the user point identically as MS6 system, but it is equipped with input modules known from MS5 data loggers.


COMET System introduce improved Measuring System MS55D, which fully replace popular version MS5D. MS55D supports all advantages of MS6 and is especially designed for special applications that are not covered with universal input of MS6.

Key features:
- allows Interchannel recalculations
- SMS port for sending/reception of SMS included
- Faster Full memory data transfer to PC through Ethernet interface (< 3 min.)
- MS5 modules compatibility
- Automatic detection of installed modules
- ModbusTCP, XML protocols support
- SMTP authentication
- Webpages securable with password
- Same price as for MS5D




- Character of inputs: fixed - depends of installed HW input modules
- Maximum measured dc current: 5 A
- Maximum measured dc voltage: 75 V
- Most sensitive measuring range of dc voltage: 100 mV
- Maximum measured ac voltage: 50 V
- Maximum measured ac current: 5 A
- Input for measurement of frequency: 0 - 5 kHz
- Input for counting of pulses: yes
- Interchannel recalculations: yes
- Possibility of galvanical isolation of inputs: yes
- Possibility of more inputs for reading from trasmitters with RS485 interface: yes
- SMS port for sending/reception of SMS: included
- Full memory data transfer to PC through Ethernet interface: < 3 min.
- Dimensions including connectors: 215 x 225 x 60 mm