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Wireless Wi-Fi Temperature/Humidity Monitoring

Temperature and humidity monitoring in the state archive in Zamrsk castle.


In 2011 COMET System`s partner HAKU spol. s.r.o. company realized project of temperature and humidity monitoring in the state archive in Zamrsk castle. In project technology of COMET System s.r.o. company was used. Measurement was performed by COMET Ethernet transmitters T3510 and data was stored to COMET database system — DBS Sensor Monitor. For connection of transmitters wireless WiFi network 2.4GHz was used.

The complete system was tested in complex during trial operation. High reliability and functionality of the entire system was proved by the end user. „From many offered systems system presented by HAKU company showed as one of most effective. On top of that system is based on long term proved transmitters of COMET company, which portable version was used in Zamrsk castle up to now.” says deputy director of the state regional archive Mgr. Jiri Kuba.

 - cheap and compact sollution for applications where is Wi-Fi required
- it is possible to use wireless WiFi network in historical buildings where data network cables are not installed
- applicable in 2.4/5 GHz frequency
- with added switch can be also connected network printer, VOIP phone etc