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World`s most compact PoE Thermometers made by COMET - P8610 & P8631

New PoE (Power over Ethernet) thermometers powered from Ethernet network now available. P8610 compact PoE thermometer with built-in sensor. P8631 three-channel PoE thermometer for three external temperature probes.


COMET System introduce the world`s smallest Power over Ethernet thermometers.
P86xx series follows popular low-cost P85xx series, but now with Power over Ethernet (PoE) support. New PoE series reduce cost of installation, because power-supply and cables are not necessary. New devices are designed for fast and easy integration into your applications. Just plug Ethernet cable and start working!

Key features:
- dual power (power over Ethernet IEEE 802.3af or 5V DC power adapter)
- fully compatible with previous P85xx series
- ready for COMET database system - DBS Sensor Monitor
- online values on web pages (actual values, 600 history values in graph...)
- device supports common communication protocols (ModbusTCP, SNMP, SOAP)
- alarms (e-mail, SNMP Trap, Syslog)
- Sensor Reader - free software for one device
- traceable calibration certificate included


P8610 - PoE Thermometer with built-in temperature sensor

- resolution: 0.1°C
- accuracy: +/- 0.8°C
- measuring range: -20 ~ +60°C
- operating temperature range: -20 ~ +60°C

P8631 - PoE three channel digital Thermometer for three digital probes

- resolution: 0.1°C
- accuracy: +/- 0.5°C
- measuring range: -55 ~ +80°C
- operating temperature range: -20 ~ +60°C