Did you know that Comet exists in a US version as well?
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MIB tables

SNMP MIB tables for COMET devices.


Release date: 2023-08-16
SNMP version: v1, v2c (WiFi sensors), v3 (WiFi sensors)
COMET enterprise-number: 22626
Supported devices:
  • P8510, P8511, P8541, P8552, P8610, P8611, P8631, P8641, P8652, P2520, P8653
  • T0510, T2514, T3510, T3511, T4511, T5540, T5541, T5545, T6540, T6541, T6545, T7510, T7511
  • T0610, T4611, T3610, T3611, T7610, T7611, T7613D
  • H0530, H3530, H3531, H4531, H5521, H5524, H6520, H6521, H7531, H7531
  • M1140, M1200, M1220, M1320, M1321, M1322, M1323, M1300, M1440
  • MS5, MS55, MS6
  • lanadapter
  • W5714, W3745, W3721,  W3711, W3710, W0741, W0711, W0710, W7710, W4710

MIB Tree:

  • code