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Technical data


Download record from the data logger Yes
Open record from the file Yes
Show data into the table Yes
Data export to DBF Yes
Data export to XLS Yes
Print data from the table Yes
Statistics Yes


Events logging (Event viewer) Yes
Languages in the program Yes


Graph Yes - paid version
Graph export to PDF Yes - paid version
Graph print Yes - paid version


Autodownload Yes - paid version
Record download with export to DBF Yes - paid version
Folders and files settings Yes - paid version
Program security (users and passwords) Yes - paid version


Display mode Yes
Alarms in the display mode Yes
Graph in the display mode Yes - paid version
Data table in the display mode Yes - paid version


Data logger configuration Yes
Data logger memory erase Yes
Alarm signalization confirmation Yes
Read configuration from the file Yes


Data export to the DLDB database Yes - paid version
Data download with export to the DLDB database Yes - paid version
Autodownload with export to the DLDB database Yes - paid version


User friendly software for currently produced COMET monitoring systems MSxx. Allows clear reading and working with the data.

Software consists of communication and analytical section, which allows working with tables and charts.

Intuitive and clear interface software ensures easy operation as well as the novice who first encounters with the logger COMET. Software is fully compatible with Windows.



  • clear presentation of measured data in tables and charts
  • easy export to MsExcel files or PDF
  • software allows to control all MS functions, browsing and print of record in tables or charts
  • easy setup of the MS system, step by step, using an intuitive setup Wizard.


Easy export of measured data to XLS or DBF files. Export of measured data can be fully automatized. Software allows communication with MS monitoring systems via RS232, RS485, USB, viam GSM modem or via Ethernet.


In table mode can be easily and clearly showed measured maximal or minimal value, average, deviation a number of stored values.

After purchasing the licenced version of SWR004 customer will receive a license code, which will be registered on, together with the number of computers for which the licence was purchased.

Automatic download

MS monitoring system is able to send data to PC automatically. Data is send via communication interfaces RS232, RS485, USB, Ethernet or GSM modem.

Frequency of automatic reading can be set. This feature is available even if more MS systems is connected together.

Real time monitoring

MS system allows to monitor all monitored sites in real time. Charts, tables, alarms can be displayed in "DISPLAY" mode. Then can be actual status of measure values seen. This mode can be shared on multiple computers.

Web interface

Current data can be displayed in web browser using HTML pages. Process of measuring can be simultaneously monitored by several user groups (techniques, management, etc.). Device must be connected to the Internet/Intranet.

Minimum hardware and software requirements to install the COMET software

  • Operating System: Windows 7 and later, or Windows Server 2008 R2 and later; . NET Framework 4 or 4.5, COMET Database 10.0 and higher
  • Processor speed: 1.4GHz
  • Memory: 1GB RAM

The licence is not portable and can be used only on PC where was installed.