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Animal Transportation with Temperature Monitoring & Animal Rescue Ambulance


We would like to express our huge gratitude to COMET System and Audon, for the generous donation of temperature data logger U0121.

We fitted the unit in to our animal rescue ambulance and connected the probes. This means on rescue missions, with animals in the rear, we can now monitor the temperature whilst travelling. The accuracy and information that we are able to download is comparable to none!

Most of our rescue journeys are in Europe, the furthest we have driven is Bulgaria and back and with our new data logger, our future rescue journeys will be accurately measured and recorded.
We have been rescuing apes, monkeys and other different animals for over 25 years. We’re a registered charity relying solely on the general public visiting as we don’t receive any government funding.
When companies like Comet and Audon can come together and help a small charity like ours, It helps us no end.

Thank you again.

Wales Ape and Monkey Sanctuary

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Audon & C/O B&S Group Ltd
Sovereign Way,
Chester West Employment Park,
Chester, CH1 4QJ


United Kingdom

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