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Installation of IoT Wireless dtaloggers in hematology and biochemistry


At the Department of Hematology and Biochemistry, we installed and calibrated GSM data loggers in freezers and refrigerators.

For blood and plasma storage, it is necessary to monitor the current temperature in refrigerators and freezers. The requirements are very demanding in this case. Damage caused by improper storage would have a major impact on the stored material. In this case, the customer was subject to strict control by SÚKL. We received the following requirements from the client, which the measuring system had to meet.

  • Temperature recording in the set interval.
  • Storage in Comet Cloud internet storage.
  • As a safety feature, save data to the device's internal memory.
  • Alarm setting in case of preset temperatures exceeded.
  • Measurement using external probes directly in the freezer or refrigerator.
  • Setting the floor plan and location of measured places on the map.


For this case, we proposed a solution from the Czech manufacturer Comet system in the form of IoT GSM datalogger and external temperature probes. Additionally, we supplemented the monitoring of the air temperature in the room by simply installing a wireless thermometer in the Sigfox radio signal.

Comet SystemThis system offers a wide range of variants and uses. The installation could take place on site and thanks to wireless communication it was not necessary to run long cabling. All measured data can then be viewed by the corresponding person online from any computer or mobile phone with an Internet connection.

We have provided for the customer:

  • complete installation of equipment in refrigerators and freezers
  • initial setup of GSM loggers using the utility software
  • we have set the required alarms for exceeding the given temperatures
  • we installed and set up all devices in the Comet cloud internet storage
  • we calibrated all temperature sensors according to an accredited procedure
  • we trained the staff so that they could individually adjust the devices according to their needs and criteria
  • we delivered complete documentation (declaration of conformity, calibration sheet, manual, ...)


Used products:

W0811 W0810 W0832 U0121M U0141M U0110M

Installed by:

KALIST AKL s.r.o. Trebetice 8 769 01 Holesov CZECH REPUBLIC e-mail: Zobrazit Telefon: +420 775 185 655 www:


Czech Republic

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Healthcare and Laboratory