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Monitoring and regulation of the microclimate in indoor swimming pools


Our company BOANERGO s.r.o. has long been dealing with the issue of dehumidification, drying and indoor climate control.
From the beginning, we developed our own technology and looked for new ways to improve the design on practical applications.
The main source of inspiration was the dehumidification of the home pool, when after a series of testing the appropriate arrangement of air conditioning and finding an algorithm for monitoring temperatures and humidity, a very effective method of reducing indoor humidity with very low energy consumption was found.
After several years of verification and reference installations, we can responsibly say that our overpressure ionization dehumidification technology really works and the system is patented.

High humidity in indoor swimming pools is a major problem for most operators.
In order to effectively use our highly efficient based system
To take advantage of the physical properties of the supply air, it is necessary to use accurate
and stable temperature and humidity measurement.

After long-term cooperation and testing with the company COMET System, s.r.o. This is exactly what their T3110 and P3110E devices with current outputs bring us
4-20 mA.

Place of realization:

Czech Republic

Used products:

T3110 P3110E

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Czech Republic

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