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Monitoring of concrete temperature during aging


Sigfox sensors for wireless temperature monitoring can be used in many applications. One of them is the monitoring of the temperature in concrete during its aging.

This can be achieved

  • Effective curing
  • It is possible to control the maximum and minimum temperatures in the concrete mass during ripening
  • By measuring the temperature, it can be estimated when the minimum compressive strength is achieved in order to load the concrete
  • Minimal cracks and concrete damage

Advantages of COMET Wireless Sensors (powered by Sigfox)

  • Measurement directly in concrete mass
  • Continuous and long-term monitoring of concrete hardening
  • Ability to monitor where needed (critical points)
  • There is no laborious and costly installation of cabling associated with monitoring exchanges
  • Measurements with Pt1000 probes available
  • Weatherproof - high IP67 moisture protection over the entire temperature probe
  • High measurement accuracy over the entire temperature range (± 0.4 ° C)
  • Good price
  • High resistance of Pt1000 probes to stray currents that can affect thermocouple probes

Data evaluation and storage in COMET Cloud

  • Secure data storage
  • Data available from anywhere with a web browser
  • View data in a table or chart
  • Email alerting

Place of realization:

Czech Republic

Used products:

W0811 W0832

Installed by:

COMET System s.r.o. Bezrucova 2901 756 61 Roznov pod Radhostem


Czech Republic

Year of realization:


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