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Realized application of COMET wireless IoT sensors in hospital Povazska Bystrica


IoT sensors COMET W0832, W0810 and W0811 with built-in temperature sensor and two external probes with a diameter of 3 mm were used to monitor the temperature during storage of blood and blood plasma.

The measured values are sent wirelessly (Sigfox technology) to the COMET Cloud, where they are stored and from where alarm e-mails are sent if the limit values are exceeded.

The advantage is the ease of installation of appliances, thanks to magnetic holders are mounted directly on the refrigerator and a very thin probe with a diameter of only 3mm is inserted into the fridge or freezer through the door seal.

Place of realization:

Povazska Bystrica

Used products:

W0811 W0810 W0832 SN254E

Installed by:

COMET System s.r.o.



Year of realization:


Business type:

Healthcare and Laboratory