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Temperature monitoring in Eberspächer active chillers


Temperature monitoring in 120pcs of Eberspächer T0082FDH active cooling boxes.

The individual transport boxes are placed in delivery vehicles that distribute sensitive pharmaceutical material with the requirement to accurately monitor the box and outside temperature using wireless communication.  The COMET GSM datalogger U0121M has proven to be the perfect solution for this demanding application, in combination with a Pt1000TG3/E temperature probe that is introduced into the box and an SN270 probe to measure the outside temperature. The instrument runs on a built-in battery that can also recharge the box directly, so there is no risk of data loss when disconnecting from the car's power supply.

The data is sent to COMET Cloud where it is recorded with unlimited history, everything can be monitored online in the form of tables, graphs and create transport reports. The advantage is the immediate notification of alarms via SMS, email or notifications in the COMET Cloud app for Android/iOS.

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cloud U0121M

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MARET system s.r.o. Podjavorinskej 1614 915 22 Nove Mesto nad Vahom e-mail: maret@maret.sk Telefon: +421 327 716 166 Telefon: +421 327 712 161 fax: +421 327 712 692 www: www.maret.sk



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