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Temperature, relative humidity, smoke and flood detection in a small server room


In our small server room, we have installed a Comet H3531R 19” Rack monitoring system with a LD-12 flood detector and a SD-283ST optical smoke detector. The H3531R has ethernet output making it easy to monitor all the values and detection devices via COMET Cloud.

In the past we had a flood in our server room with the air conditioning system leaking and also high ambient temperatures because of the failure of the air-conditioning unit, now we have set alarm levels given to us by our IT support company S2 Technologies and we are able to detect, and alarm based on flooding, smoke, high ambient temperature and Relative humidity, giving the opportunity to intervene before we have a serious issue.

Used products:

H3531R H3531R-2 H3531R-4 LD12 SD280

Installed by:

Carlton Thermal Systems Ltd Unit 45 Monument Business Park Chalgrove Oxford OX44 7RW ENGLAND e-mail:


United Kingdom

Year of realization: