Did you know that Comet exists in a US version as well?

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manufacturer of measuring instruments
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How to send the device for repair

1. Print and complete the COMET repair form and ship it with the product.

This form provides the service technician with all the information necessary to identify a problem with the product. If you cannot print the form, please send the device for repair with your official order.

2. Provide all necessary information with the product

To obtain warranty service, you must provide proof of purchase containing the date of purchase. COMET cannot make warranty repairs unless it has been provided with the relevant supporting documentation

3. Pack the product carefully before shipping

Since COMET is not responsible for any loss or damage that may occur during shipping, we recommend that you pack the product properly and adequately. Depending on the value of the product, you may also consider insurance for the shipment. The product can also always be delivered in person. Opening hours, address and other relevant information can be found on the COMET Service Department contact page.