Did you know that Comet exists in a US version as well?

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manufacturer of measuring instruments
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Support and Service

In the event that the device doesn`t work as expected, we recommend to visit the discussion forum.

If you do not find the required solution to the problem, we recommend to consult your problem with the dealer or directly with the manufacturer. COMET Products are serviced and repaired by the manufacturer. In the event of repair (warranty and post warranty) please deliver the product directly to COMET.

For a quick process orders, please always specify:

- which type do you want exactly repair, including serial number
- what steps are required (battery replacement, inspection, calibration)
- the requirement for repair, please always give as much detail description of the defect
- contact person who can provide additional information
- for warranty repairs always attach a copy of the warranty list
- if the failure is in communication with the computer, attach and communication cable or communications adapter
- if possible, send the device including probes

For better process of repair, please send your device with filled "repairs form".


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e-mail: support@cometsystem.com