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NEW CO2 monitor U8415 with built-in carbon dioxide sensor


Battery powered device U8415 with external power (optional accessories) is designed to indication of CO2 concentration inside buildings (schools, conference halls, hospitals, offices, cinemas, theaters etc.).

The U8415 features a maintenance-free and long-term stable dual-wavelength NDIR sensor with multi-point calibration.

The level of CO2 concentration is indicated by the device using three colors. Changes in the indicated states are also signaled acoustically - by a beep.
The signaling method can be set by the user using the COMET Vision software. The device U8415 is equipped with a maintenance-free and long-term stable NDIR sensor with dual wavelength and multi-point calibration.

CO2 monitor U8415

  • operation from a rechargeable battery
  • LED alarm indication
  • acoustic alarm
  • easy operation using the ON/OFF buttons on the device
  • traceable calibration certificate included
  • 3-year warranty period