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Multilogger - Thermometer with 4 Thermocouple inputs and Ethernet port

code: M1200

Universal datalogger with 4 inputs for thermocouples K, J, S, B, T, N.
Multilogger can be installed permanently to Ethernet network or work as portable device.
Included is traceable calibration certificate in accordance with EN ISO/IEC17025.

The Multilogger is a battery operated datalogger capable of measuring and recording sensor and electrical values through its Inputs.
Datalogger can be connected to Ethernet. Then measured values can be viewed on a web browser, as well as stored and downloaded for later analysis.

Included in delivery:


Technical data

Measured value Temperature
TEMPERATURE SENSOR - thermocouple K, N
Measuring range -200 to +1300 °C
Accuracy ± 0,3 % from the measured value + 1,5 °C
Resolution 0.1 °C
Measuring range -200 to +750 °C
Accuracy ± 0,3 % from the measured value + 1,5 °C
Resolution 0.1 °C
Measuring range 0 to +1700 °C
Accuracy ± 0,3 % from the measured value + 1,5 °C
Resolution 0.1 °C
Measuring range 100 to +1800 °C
Accuracy ± 0,3 % from the measured value + 1 °C in the range +300 to +1800 °C
Resolution 0.1 °C
Measuring range -200 to +400 °C
Accuracy ± 0,3 % from the measured value + 1,5 °C
Resolution 0.1 °C
Measuring range -60 to +140 mV; -18 to +18 mV
Accuracy ±100 µV; ±20 µV
Resolution 0,1 µV
Operating temperature -10 to +60 °C
Channels 4x external temperature probe
Memory 1 000 000 values (noncyclic record), 600 000 values (cyclic record)
Recording interval 1s to 24 hours
Display and alarm refresh each 10 s
Recording mode noncyclic - data logging stops after filling the memory
cyclic - after filling memory oldest data is overwritten by new
Available temperature units degrees Celsius, degrees Fahrenheit
Communication interface Ethernet, USB, RS232
Ethernet communication protocols WWW, SNMPv1, XML, DATALINK
Alarm protocols E-Mail
Power AC adapter 230Vac/5Vdc (neccessary for Ethernet interface)
Battery life 3 - 4 weeks
Protection class IP20
Dimensions (without connectors) 178 x 95 x 37mm, without attached cables
Weight (including batteries) approx. 380 g
Warranty 3 years



Aplikace - Zdravotnictví a laboratoře

Healtcare and laboratories - Monitoring of storage areas at temperatures up to -200 °C.

Aplikace - Sklady

Food industry - Monitoring of critical processes according to the HACCP standard with the possibility of prompt notification of unforeseen events that could lead to the degradation of the goods.

Aplikace - Průmysl

Industry and production - monitoring temperature and humidity in food, pharmaceutical, aerospace etc.

Aplikace - Sklady

Production facilities and warehouses - Monitoring of storage conditions and production processes in the temperature range -200 ° C to + 600 ° C. Sending data to COMET Database or SCADA third-party systems.

Aplikace - Serverovny a datová centra

Meteorology - COMET sensors together with COMET radiationshields are the ideal basis for weather stations for long-term weather, climate and air monitoring.

Aplikace - Serverovny a datová centra

Data centers, server rooms - Temperature and humidity monitoring, data center monitoring, RACK stands, including flood status reports, opening / closing of doors (windows), motion, smoke. SNMP monitoring, remote alarms by email and Syslog.

Aplikace - Automatizace budov a HVAC

Building management - Our instruments which measure temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure and CO2 are an integral part of these industry-leading solutions.

Features description:

● the features may vary depending on the device type
● up to 6 hardware inputs for measuring and recording, 16 virtual channels for temperature, humidity, dew point, atmospheric pressure, current 0 - 20 mA and voltage 0 - 10 V (-60 to 140 mV), two-state events, pulses, CO2
● memory for 1 million values
● indication of alarm conditions via e-mail, SMS, integrated acoustic siren LEDs, stwo-state output to control other devices
● analytical software for data processing and configuration - COMET Vision
● communication interfaces - USB, RS232 and Ethernet (SNMPv1 and XML)


Warranty 3 years Traceable calibration certificate COMET Database Data report Datalogger Handheld device Temperature sensor2 line LCDInternal memoryEthernet
AlarmBattery powerRecheargeable batteryIP protection

Up to 4 physical Thermocouple Inputs

Multilogger M1200 inputs
Removable inputs allows connection of:
  • Themocouple probe K, J, S, B, T, N
  • Direct input of bipolar voltages with range up to -60 to +140 mV
  • Sensors with woltage output (range -60 to +140mV; accuracy ±100 µV or -18 to +18mV; accuracy ±20 µV)

Evaluation of up to 16 variables

Multilogger - LCD detail
Up to 16 variables may be calculated from the four connected probes / sensors. This is the sum of the measured and calculated values. The calculated values can be the result of inter-channel conversions, e.g. the difference of two connected temperature probes.

The measured values are stored in the internal non-volatile memory. Memory capacity is up to 1 million values. Logging mode can be adjusted as non-cyclic, when logging stops after filling the memory, or cyclic, when after fulfilling the memory oldest stored values are overwritten by new ones.

Measured values are displayed on the screen with backlight option and the ability to change the size of display digits.

Power supply

Multilogger - Power Supply
Multilogger - Power Supply

Multilogger can be powered by AC adapter or by rechargeable batteries with charging capability. Batteries are always a part of the device (you can also use standard alkaline AA batteries). Batteries power the device for several months.

While using the AC adapter, the batteries provide backup operations and provide recording and measurement during power failure. Thanks to the Ethernet output the device informs about the failure via e-mail message.

Alarm limits and alarm indication

Multilogger - Alarm limits

It is possible to set two independent alarm limits for each channel (i.e. measured or calculated value).

Alarm signalization can be acoustic (built-in beeper), optical, sending an e-mail alert or an alarm output. The alarm output is for connecting an external audio or visual alarm.

Communication interfaces

Multilogger - Alarm limits

Multilogger is always equipped with USB connector for communication, data analysis and also for charging of the rechargeable batteries.

Included Ethernet interface allows to:

  • send an e-mail when an alarm state starts or ends
  • use DATALINK: display current values or download values from memory to COMET Database in your PC. Software COMET Database contains many useful tools for data analysis - graphs, tables, statistics, etc.
  • simple wireless communication with Wi-Fi TP-LINK router
  • third-party applications to read the actual measured values using universal protocols SNMPv1 and XML
  • view current measured values using your web browser


Multilogger - Alarm limits and alarm indication
  • Output can be used for controling other devices when alarm is launched, such as external buzzer, telephone dialer etc.
  • Type of output - open collector transistor
  • Max. switching current - 100 mA
  • Max. voltage on output - 24 V
  • Auxiliary voltage at terminal - +5 V (only when the mains supply is present)
  • Users can receive alarms if the values go outside the paramters set. Alarms are indicated through an internal buzzer , 3 LEDs or email alerts via Ethernet port.

Optional accessories

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