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CO2 monitor with built-in carbon dioxide sensor

CO2 monitor - carbon dioxide level sensor.

carbon dioxideAlthough carbon dioxide is invisible and odourless, increased CO2 content in the room leads to fatigue and decreased mental concentration.

No useless data, three coloured LEDs give instant information on CO2 concentration in the air.

  • T5000 CO2 monitor with acdc adapter
  • Traceable calibration certificate
  • Quick start manual


Green LED shines - CO2 concentration 0 to 1000 ppm

Yellow LED shines - CO2 concentration 1001 to 1400 ppm

Red LED shines - CO2 concentration 1401 ppm and more


  • code
  • Warranty
    3 years

Technical data

Measured value



Measuring range 0 to 2000 ppm
Accuracy ±(50ppm +2% from reading) at 25°C and 1013hPa
Resolution 1 ppm


Green LED - CO2 concentration 0 to 1000 ppm
Yellow LED - CO2 concentration 1001 to 1400 ppm
Red LED - CO2 concentration 1401 ppm a více


Operating temperature -30 to +60 °C
Channels internal CO2 sensor
Power 9-30 Vdc
Protection class IP30
Dimensions 88,5 x 73 x 39,5 mm
Weight approx. 145 g
Warranty 3 years