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CO2 measurement in schools


Today's trend of passive buildings or buildings that are close to the standard of passive buildings raises the issue of ventilation, where there is basically no natural ventilation in buildings. This is especially true for new or renovated school buildings, where it is further supported by a decree of the Ministry of Education. Therefore, today it is necessary to measure the concentration of CO2 in individual classes and forcibly ventilate the given classes by air-conditioning units. To measure the concentration, we use sensors from the manufacturer COMET System, s.r.o.

In larger schools, more classes are ventilated by one air handling unit, here it is necessary to think about energy savings. Each class has an air flow regulator installed on the supply and exhaust class, which must be controlled according to the CO2 concentration in the class space, reduce the supply air according to the concentration and thus reduce operating costs.

In order for all this to work, it is necessary to control the building with a superior measurement and control system (M&R), which is able to integrate individual elements of HVAC in the school and manage them to the high quality of the school environment and think about operating costs. All this is fulfilled by Tronic2000 systems from Tronic Control, s.r.o., which integrate sensors from Comet System, whether they are equipped with the MODBUS communication protocol or with analog outputs, and to control HVAC to the required parameters according to their measurements.

Combined temperature and CO2 sensors are installed in this application, where the required amount of air is supplied according to the CO2 concentration and radiators in each class are regulated according to the temperature. In each class it is possible to set the required CO2 concentration, temperature, even according to time programs. Everything is visualized in a visualization on a PC or in a web interface. All data is stored in a database and can be displayed in graphs.

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