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manufacturer of measuring instruments
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Digital temperature/humidity probe DIGIL/E-2, ELKA connector, cable 2 meters

Digital probe with connector ELKA.

Stainless steel mesh filter.

The probe is supplied with a calibration certificate.
The probe is interchangeable without calibration to a specific device and regardless of the length of the cable.

Optionally also available with cable of various lengths. For other cable lengths use the selector.

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Technical data

Measured value

Relative humidity


Measuring range -30 to +105 °C
Accuracy ±0.4 °C
Response time t90 < 6 min, temperature step 20 °C, air flow 1 m/s


Measuring range 0 to 100 % RV
Accuracy ±1.8 %RV in the range of 0 to 90 % RH at 23 °C
Resolution t90 < 9 s (humidity step 60 %RH, constant temperature)
Hysteresis ±1 % RV
Linearity ±1 % RV


Measuring range -60 to +80 °C
Accuracy see the manual


Operating temperature -30 to +105 °C
Protection class IP40
Connector ELKA
Dimensions (without cable) 88 x 18 mm
Cable length 1 m, 2 m, 5 m, 10 m or 15 m
Weight cca 55 g
Warranty 3 years