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COMET measures in Antarctica


COMET System has established cooperation with Masaryk University in Brno and is involved in its research at the Czech polar station Johann Gregor Mendel, located on James Ross Island.

The U3121 datalogger and a temperature and humidity probe are used for measurements in Antarctic conditions where temperatures drop well below freezing. The entire set is housed in a COMETEO F8800 meteocrit, which protects the datalogger and sensors in extreme conditions.

The datalogger U0141 is used as an additional measuring instrument with the usual temperature probes, but also with probes for cryo environments. With these sensors it is possible to measure both air temperature and temperature just above the surface.

Place of realization:


Used products:

U3121 U0141 DIGIL/E-1 SN104E F8800

Installed by:

The Johann Gregor Mendel Station Polar Research at Masaryk University