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Air temperature measurements in mountain areas


Centre of Avalanche Prevention in High Tatras  since 1972 systematically monitors the temperature of the air in mountain areas. Originally the data were measured with old-made thermometers, recorded on paper. Thermograph is essentially a mechanical machine with rotating  cylinder in which is the paper. In this paper then hand dipped in ink recording of temperatures. Temographs had to always be necessary periodically (once a week) to stretch and record laboriously calculated.

In recent years, thermographs exchanged for modern digital sensors, which are much more precise and their storage capacity is incomparable. The sensors are located in the profile Chopok and Príslop - in the Western Tatras, where they monitors the temperature at the interface of snow and soil. Sensors measured in 10 min intervals and downloading of data takes place every 2, 5 months. On Chopok ongoing continuous measurements over 40 years.

One online meter is located in the Silesian home and data from it are available at:
Mobile version

Online data on air temperature are important in preparing avalanche forecasts and those especially in the spring. Other offline measurements in future enable us to compare the evolution of the average annual temperature will create form the basis for monitoring climate change in mountain areas.

Marek Biskupic
Avalanche Prevention Centre

Used products:

T3510 T3610 P8510

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Centre of Avalanche prevention, Mountain Rescue Service - Jasna



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