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Installation of temperature and humidity sensors for explosive (Ex) environment in company HAJDIK a.s.


For this application, a complete monitoring of the entire production hall, where various parts are painted not only for the automotive and rail industry, was required. The measurements also included some facilities such as mixing plants, paint booths, and painted parts drying plants that fall into the explosion hazardous environment, specifically Zone II.

Our Ex instruments measuring both temperature and humidity with current output were selected for implementation 4…20 mA, T3110Ex a T3113Ex...

The connection of the sensors through the zener barriers was divided into two parts. One part was directly connected to the PLC systems of the painting lines and the other part was connected to the internal Ethernet network using a P2520 converter for data collection to the COMET Database, but also for further data processing using MODBUS TCP, SOAP, or XML communication protocols to control the functionality of the entire system from the control room.

The actual implementation, including assembly, was carried out by employees of the technical department of the Hajdík a.s. paint shop.

Used products:

T3110Ex T3113Ex T3111Ex P2520


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