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Monitoring of temperature and humidity in depository rooms


Our Regional Museum in Litomerice, p.o. solved the monitoring and recording of temperature and humidity in our 22 depository rooms.

As with most museums, a depository building is already equipped with many electronic systems - security, fire protection, water flow monitoring and Internet coverage - we have been looking for a modern system that does not interfere with existing electronic systems, with simple installation, no cabling installation and access to stored data through the Cloud from any location with available internet and the possibility of sending alarm messages to an e-mail if the set limits are exceeded.

Finally, we chose the W3810 wireless IOT sensor from COMET SYSTEM s.r.o. that meet all these requirements. I consider the entire monitoring system perfect, fully meeting the requirements of the modern museum.

Place of realization:

Czech Republic

Used products:


Installed by:

Regional Museum in Litomerice Dlouha 173 412 01 Litomerice The Czech Republic


Czech Republic

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