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Needle stainless steel probes for coal stockpiles


We have supplied the coal stores with needle thermometers with wireless transmission.

The temperature in coal stores must be monitored to prevent spontaneous combustion of coal. Temperature measurement is particularly important during the summer months when outside temperatures rise to high levels. Higher temperatures can then build up inside a large pile of coal, which can cause ignition. If not acted upon quickly enough, the coal can burn and ignite, causing irreversible damage.

The client requested

  • 4 metre long temperature probes to reach the bottom of the coal pile
  • Durable design suitable for outdoor use and harsh warehouse environments
  • Wireless transmission of measured values
  • Alarm when temperature limit is exceeded


  • For this purpose, we made stainless steel tipped probes four metres long
  • The probe and the instrument mounting are made of 2 mm thick stainless steel
  • The instrument used is IP65 rated and is not equipped with a display that could be damaged in harsh environments
  • Wireless temperature transmission is transmitted via the Sigfox pan-European radio network. It is not dependent on a WiFi signal
  • Measured data is collected in the Comet cloud, which provides full analytical functionality and outputs in graphs, reports and tables
  • Exceedance alerts reach the customer via an alarming email

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Czech Republic

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KALIST AKL s.r.o. Třebětice 8 769 01 Holešov e-mail: Zobrazit Telefon: +420 775 185 655 www: www.kalist.cz

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