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Temperature measurement in the composting and sanitation box


To measure the temperature in the regional composting plant, we supplied needle thermometers with wireless transmission.

A suitable temperature is needed for proper composting. Especially in the hygienisation box, the hygienisation process is determined by reaching 70°C. The hygienisation process should be controlled autonomously without human intervention. The record of the measured temperatures must therefore be automatically monitored and recorded in a repository where no changes can be made by the user.

The client requested

  • Durable design of temperature probes for the composting environment with temperature measurement in aggressive material
  • Wireless transmission of measured values
  • Temperature recording in an autonomous system without human intervention
  • Alarm information when the temperature in the sanitation box (70°C) is exceeded
  • Historical record of measurements for inspection authorities
  • Accredited sensor calibration


  • Temperature probes are made of stainless steel material using IP65 rated instruments
  • An additional box with higher protection has been used for use in the hygienisation box
  • The transmission of measured data is mediated by the Sigfox radio network, which has coverage throughout Europe
  • Recording is done autonomously to the Comet cloud, which allows exports and reports for control authorities
  • The accredited calibration laboratory KALIST AKL Ltd. has calibrated the sensors and issued internationally recognized calibration certificates within the framework of the international multilateral agreements EA MLA and ILAC MRA

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Czech Republic

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KALIST AKL s.r.o. Třebětice 8 769 01 Holešov e-mail: Zobrazit Telefon: +420 775 185 655 www:

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Industry Agriculture