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Wireless monitoring of N2 levels in dewars


In cooperation with COMET System, we offer wireless monitoring of liquid nitrogen levels inside dewars. The installation is possible on most standardly supplied vessels on the market.

The level monitoring is performed using a Comet wireless thermometer in combination with a Pt1000 cryogenic temperature probe. The measurement results are transmitted via radio transmission to the COMET Cloud web storage, from where they can be remotely monitored and any alarm conditions can be further distributed via SMS or email alerts.

The great advantage of the whole device is its independence from external power supply. The thermometer is powered only by an integrated battery with a capacity sufficient for up to 7 years of operation (depending on the frequency of messages sent to the Internet storage).
The device, which is mounted on the stopper of the dewar, contains only a single cable to the probe with additional protection against breakage. Thus, there is no need to disconnect and then reconnect the device when handling the cap. Handling does not require any extraordinary handling and the robust construction also prevents accidental damage to the device.

Two alarm levels can be set within the measurement depending on the temperature. This makes it possible to monitor both a drop in level below the specified limit and possible damage to the dewar shell (sudden rise in temperature inside the vessel). The device can then inform the user of both alarm conditions within a few minutes via SMS or email.

Main advantages:

  • wireless, battery operation
  • easy handling
  • robust design
  • alarm response via SMS and email
  • can be installed in most types of dewars

The installation of the device can be carried out even on vessels that are already fully occupied with samples. The installation does not take up space for storage canisters, so the canister can be fully utilized.
Installation is arranged on site at the customer's premises by our technician. Due to the large number of container types, the price of the monitoring system is always calculated individually.

Place of realization:

Czech Republic

Used products:

W0841E W0841 W0811 W0832

Installed by:

Life M s.r.o. IČ 050 81 904 Voděradská 2552 / 16 251 01 Říčany u Prahy


Czech Republic

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