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A hydrogeological complex with COMET devices


Russian Federal Service for Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring (Roshydromet) is using COMETEO and sensor of temperature and humidity T7411 as a part of system for autonomous remote water monitoring on rivers and seas. Our partner IZMERKON has supplied hydrological complexes for different meteorological sites of Roshydromet (for example, for Northern department in Arkhangelsk, for Syberian department, and for Roshydromet in Central Black Earth Region).

This complex consists of level sensor, precipitation sensor (rain catcher) and Comet humidity + temperature sensor (T7411) inside of COMETEO. All sensors by RS-485 are connected to autonomous GSM modem, which supplies power to sensors and transfers data by GSM. The systems takes a measurement once per 1 hour and sends data by GSM/GPRS 1 time per 12 hours.

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T7411 T7411-2 T7411-4 F8100

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Izmerkon Co Ltd. Pulkovskoe highway, 9/3 196240 Saint-Petersburg RUSSIAN FEDERATION e-mail: office@izmerkon.ru Telephone customer support: +7 (495) 721-88-93 www: www.izmerkon.ru



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