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Monitoring of temperature and humidity of national cultural monument Libušín


National cultural monuments Libušín and Maměnka belonging to the administration of the National Museum in Nature, the Wallachian Museum in Nature, are well known Jurkovič buildings inspired by the folk Art Nouveau style.

They were opened to the public in 1899 and have since undergone several reconstructions. At present, the reconstruction, or rather the reconstruction, is absolutely essential, the aim of which is to restore the burnt down Libušín (March 2014) to its original appearance from the time of construction. It is not only the original color appearance, but the National Museum of Nature has decided to renew the original methods of working both exterior and interior materials. Modern times, however, also entails modern procedures, especially in the area of ​​building security. For this reason, it was decided to install a combined extinguishing system on the principle of inert gas (interior) and water fog (exterior). For the use of extinguishing gas, however, a certain tightness of the building is necessary, which the log construction Libušína itself cannot provide. For this reason, it was designed to insert a foil between the log cabin and the wooden lining of the inner walls.

In view of the above, it was required to preventively monitor the relative humidity in the insulated space, where the temperature, relative humidity and dew point measurements were installed at the four selected points between the foil and the wood lining. Requirements were battery operation of the instruments, wireless data transmission with on-line access to measured values ​​and the possibility of sending an alarm via e-mail messages when the upper humidity limit was exceeded.

From available solutions were chosen using IoT sensors using Sigfox data transmission from COMET System s.r.o., which exactly meet the investor's requirements. After simple installation, the instrument sends the temperature, humidity and dew point values ​​to the COMET Cloud at the set interval. With this solution, seamless access to values ​​is available from anywhere with an Internet connection without installing additional software.

The intuitive COMET Cloud environment allows you to conveniently view data in a spreadsheet and graph with print capability, and manage alarm profiles or individual users.

Place of realization:

Czech Republic

Used products:

W3811 cloud DIGIS/E-15

Installed by:

TR instruments, spol. s r.o.
Krizikova 2697/70
612 00 Brno-mesto