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Monitoring of temperature and humidity of storage areas with food and veterinary preparations for dogs and cats


The task was to create a functional installation of the measurement and control system with data recording into the internal memory of the device, as well as the possibility of online alarm and access to the measured data.

The devices from the company COMET System s.r.o.

Due to the distances, different tips of devices with current outputs were used. Control panels were also used to collect data from these sensors, which were equipped with relay boards to control the conditions when the temperature limits were exceeded, resp. humidity, but also for basic optical and acoustic signalling inside the building.

An important requirement of the investor was also online monitoring and alarm via email. This was ensured by connecting the individual measuring sets to the local Ethernet network and installing the database software of the company COMET Systém s.r.o. on the investor's server.

Place of realization:

NOVIKO s.r.o.

Used products:

T3110 MS6D T0110 T4111 CDB MP048

Installed by:

KALIST AKL s.r.o. Trebetice 8 769 01 Holesov CZECH REPUBLIC e-mail: Zobrazit Telefon: +420 775 185 655 www:


Czech Republic

Year of realization: