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manufacturer of measuring instruments
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Sixteen Channel Data Logger with Alarms

code: MS6D

The complete solution for monitoring of temperature, humidity, pressure, CO2, voltage, current, pulses, events and other signals. Universal configurable inputs and outputs.

Data loggers are designed for measuring, recording, evaluation and subsequent processing of input electrical signals, which are subject to relatively slow changes (> 1s). In conjunction with the appropriate sensors and transducers are suitable for monitoring physical quantities.

The device includes traceable calibration certificate with declared metrological traceability of etalons is based on requirements of EN ISO / IEC 17025. The calibration sheet is always loaded as modules.
If the defined required configuration of inputs by, calibration certificate proves calibration inputs according to the required configuration - more than one range for each of the 16 inputs.

Technical data

Measured value Temperature
Relative humidity
Counted values (dew point…)
Two-state signal
Event logging
Operating temperature 0 to +50 °C
Channels 1 to 16 inputs - software configurable
Memory 2MB (up to 480 000 values)
Memory type internal SRAM, backed-up by Lithium battery
Recording interval adjustable individually for all input channels from 1 second to 24 hours
Recording interval noncyclic - data logging stops after filling the memory
cyclic - after filling memory oldest data is overwritten by new
Real time clock year, leap year, month, day, hour, minute, second, backed-up by Lithium battery
Resolution of the AD converter (analog channels) 16 bits, conversion duration approximately 60ms/channel
Communication speed 9600, 19200, 57600, 115200 Bd, 230400* Bd (* pro USB, Ethernet)
Power 24 Vdc
Protection class IP20
Dimensions (including connectors) 215 x 225 x 44 mm
Weight approx. 800 g
Warranty 3 years

Parameters of configurable inputs

Range Accuracy Description
4 to 20 mA ±0.1% FS (±0.02 mA) It is possible to connect pasive sensors (powered by monitoring system) or active sensor with its own power supply. Input resistance about 110 Ohms.
-10 to +10 V

-1 to +1 V

-100 to +100 mV

-18 to +18 mV

-18 to +18 mV
±0.1% FS (±10 mV)

±0.1% FS (±1 mV)

±0.1% FS (±100 µV)

±0.1% FS (±18 µV)

±0.1% FS (±0.3 Ohm)
input resistance about 10MOhm
0 to 300 Ohm

0 to 3000 Ohm

0 to 10000 Ohm
±0.1% FS (±0.3 Ohm)

±0.1% FS (±3 Ohm)

±0.1% FS (±10 Ohm)
measuring current approximately 0.8 mA @ 50ms pulse

measuring voltage approximately 0.5mA @ 50ms pulse

measuring current approximately 0.1mA @ 50ms pulse
-50 to +250 °C ±0.2 °C (-50 to +100 °C)

±0.2% MH (+100 to 250 °C)
Ni1000/6180 ppm, two-wire connection; measuring current approximately 0.5mA @ 50ms pulse
-200 to +600 °C ±0.2 °C (-200 to+100 °C)

±0.2% MH (+100 to +600 °C)
Pt100/3850 ppm, two-wire connection; measuring current approximately 0.8mA @ 50ms pulse
-200 to +600 °C ±0.2 °C (-200 to+100 °C)

±0.2% MH (+100 to +600 °C)
Pt1000/3850 ppm, two-wire connection; measuring current about 0.5mA @ 50ms pulse
-200 to +1300 °C ±0.3% MH + 1.5 °C linearized, with cold junction compensation, datalogger must be placed in recommendend working position
-200 to +400 °C ±0.3% MH + 1.5 °C linearized, with cold junction compensation, datalogger must be placed in recommendend working position
-200 to +750 °C ±0.3% MH + 1.5 °C linearized, with cold junction compensation, datalogger must be placed in recommendend working position
0 to +1700 °C ±0.3% MH + 1.5 °C linearized, with cold junction compensation, datalogger must be placed in recommendend working position
-200 to +1300 °C ±0.3% MH + 1.5 °C linearized, with cold junction compensation, datalogger must be placed in recommendend working position
+100 to 1800 °C ±0.3% MH+1,0 °C (+300 to 1800 °C) linearized without cold junction compensation
THERMISTOR - NTC with selectable formula
up to maximum thermistor resistance 11 000 ohms according to used resistance range (see measurement of resistance) the same characteristics for all connected thermistors; default settings: R25=2252Ω, R80=282.7Ω
potential-less contact

open collector

voltage levels
input voltage for state "L" (IN-COM) < 0.8 V; input voltage for state "H" (IN-COM) > 2 V;

resistance of closed contact for state "L" (IN-COM) < 1 kOhms

resistance of closed contact for state "H" (IN-COM) > 10 kOhms; minimum duration for sensing of change: 200ms
input for serial signal RS485 input serves for reading from devices supporting protocol ModBus RTU or Advantech; connected to terminals next to terminals for channel 15 and 16; input can work with 16 devices; Galvanically isolated.


Device enables:

  • to measure and process 1 to 16 input signals
  • to acquire autonomous time record of measured values
  • create alarm states
  • to perform other actions based on created alarms (audible, visual indication, controlling of relay outputs, sending SMS message, controlling of telephone dialer, sending of messages via several protocols of the Ethernet interface etc.)
  • to monitor on-line measured values and states
  • independent hysteresis setting, delay (for each channel separately)
  • setting up to four alarm conditions (for each channel separately)


Aplikace - Automatizace budov a HVAC

Building management - Our instruments which measure temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure and CO2 are an integral part of these industry-leading solutions.

Aplikace - Serverovny a datová centra

Data centers, server rooms - Temperature and humidity monitoring, data center monitoring, RACK stands, including flood status reports, opening / closing of doors (windows), motion, smoke. SNMP monitoring, remote alarms by email and Syslog.

Aplikace - Zdravotnictví a laboratoře

Registration of temperature, carbon dioxide (CO2) and other critical parameters in the context of GLP or GMP regulations.

Aplikace - Průmysl

Industry and production - monitoring temperature and humidity in food, pharmaceutical, aerospace etc.

Aplikace - Sklady

Food industry - Monitoring of critical processes according to the HACCP standard with the possibility of prompt notification of unforeseen events that could lead to the degradation of the goods.

Aplikace - Věda a výzkum

Registration and tracking of processes, registration of various parameters.

Common connectivity options:

Monitoring system MS may be configured for almost any desired measurement application. Sensors can be wired to datalogger in star-like connection as well as in serial. Combination of both is also possible. The monitoring system MS is characterized by a wide range of communication interfaces such as the RS232, RS485, USB, Ethernet and GSM or GPRS modem. Thanks to Wi-Fi routers several measuring systems MS can be wirelessly connected to a network.

Parameters and measuring ranges of configurable inputs MS6D

The monitoring systems MS6xx is equipped with 16 freely programmable universal inputs. Each of them can be set to the input signal according to the table below. The monitoring system is thus very flexible and offers ease of use. The RS485 input must be ordered separately if you want to use the Modbus or Advantech communication interface.

Main features:

● software configurable inputs for temperature sensors Pt and Ni, thermocouples and thermistors, voltage and current, two-state events, resistance, sensors with RS485 output
● memory for 500 000 records with automatic downloading to PC
● alarm indication via integrated siren, e-mail, SMS and two-state output to control other devices
● software for data analysis on PC
● communication interface USB, RS232, relays, RS485 (Modbus RTU), ETHERNET (Modbus TCP, SOAP, etc.)
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